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​German education
starts at high school


German high school advantage

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Germany high school is well known in the world for its advanced comprehensive and preciseness education. 

 The believe of “Human as the core of education” put human development and human nature at first place.  Germany education pays serious attention on the talent and interest development of the students as well as sufficient consideration of future employment. 

These education believes were nicely performing from school streaming, course setup, course curriculum to examination criteria. 


3 Tips in Enrolling in
Quality Boarding High Schools
in Germany

      It is really exciting for foreigners to enter public universities in Germany without tuition fees. However, if you apply for German Universities after DSE, there are requirements for German language. Generally, 1 to 2 years of preparatory study is required. Indeed, there are restrictions on the choice of subjects in universities. , such as medicine, law and other majors are more difficult to apply. Therefore, many parents hope that their children will begin to adapt from German secondary schools, lay a solid foundation, and pave the way for future university admission...

      International students apply German high schools, no matter private or public, are entitled for tuition fees.  However, the tuition fees for public universities are waived. 

We help students for high schools starting from finishing  Secondary 3 or Grade 9. 

      In Germany, Hong Kong students can choose tradition high school (Gymnasium), Vocational Schools, and International schools. 

(The German government stipulates that Hong Kong students who hold a Hong Kong passport or BNO can choose to go to Germany for further education after completing the second or eighth grade of secondary school in Hong Kong at the earliest, and enter the ninth year of secondary school. If the student holds an EU passport, there is no restriction.)

      Most German high schools will not accept transfer students in the last two academic years, because these two years are the preparation courses for students to enter the university entrance examination (Abitur), and the performance of these two years will directly affect the Abitur score.

      Most of the high schools that our company cooperates with are Gymnasium Arts and Sciences Middle Schools. The most gifted in the German education system, with a strong emphasis on academic learning, comparable to the Hong Kong and UK school systems or the US prep schools.


      Depending on the education policies of the German states, students take the Abitur upper secondary examination in grade 12 or 13, which is the only way to enter higher education.


high school

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Internat schloss


Abitur Course

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Krüger Boarding Schools

Abitur Course

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Abitur Course

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Abitur Course

Our Collaboration with High School

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OWL internaional school


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