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Art and Design
in Germany

As the country of origin of industrial design, the Bauhaus design education concept of "one handsome and one apprentice" has influenced the development of world design. The German modern design of the emerging media and avant-garde art academies has the most complete ideological and technical structure in the world .


the Cradle of the Artistic Soul

For artists, Germany's Bauhaus, avant-garde art, is the birthplace of emancipating the mind and promoting freedom. Germany, which carries literature and art, integrates the seemingly opposite characteristics of rigor and freedom, and art academies are the cradles that nurture the soul of art.


German Music

German classical music has a profound heritage and is the music capital of the world. It has created a large number of heavyweight music masters such as Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner, and Brahms who have profoundly influenced the progress of human civilization, making Germany the largest music market in Europe and the third largest in the world. Not only inherits its classics, but also continues to innovate and develop.


Germany sees art as a constitutional goal. Indeed, the investment in education is beyond imagination. Tuition fees are waived at most German universities, which attracts top artistic talents from all over the world.

  • Germany has 34 state academies of arts and 24 state academies of music

  • "Art Academy Düsseldorf" - one of the world's four largest art academies

  • "Cologne Conservatory" - the oldest in Europe

  • "Berlin University of the Arts" - 6th in the world for art

  • "Offenbach Design Academy" - well-known in the field of design

  • "Bauhaus University Weimar" - a landmark school in the art world

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Hong Kong Art Preparatory Course

  • Germany is famous for its music and art, and its outstanding historical heritage is the foundation of German musical resources.

  • Germany is not only a famous music hometown in the world, but also German art education is unique in the world.

  • Germany has 34 public art colleges and 24 public conservatories. In Germany, art schools have the same status as comprehensive universities, and have the right to grant doctors in the field of art sciences. Admission requirements require applicants to prove that they have a special artistic talent through a "talent test". If you do have extraordinary artistic attainments, you can enter the school without qualifications such as high school graduation.

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