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Preparatory Academy

​help you get straight to university

1. According to the regulations of the German Ministry of Education, foreign students are "usually" not eligible to apply directly to German universities.

2. Foreign students whose academic qualifications do not meet the requirements for direct admission must first apply for preparatory courses in order to obtain university admission qualifications.

Through the preparatory course, you can apply for a German undergraduate degree and enjoy free education according to your grades and interests.

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Jena Preparatory ​course

  • Founded in 1558

  • Specializing in Science and Engineering

  • Guaranteed admission to the University of Jena and the Jena University of Applied Sciences

  • The above two universities are public universities, with tuition-free undergraduate and master's programs

  • Six of its Nobel Laureates have studied, taught and researched at the University of Jena


NRW Preparatory 

  • University + Preparatory Dual Enrollment

  • Provides the necessary preparatory courses for German universities

  • Bilingual instruction in English and German, suitable for international students

  • Two-year dual preparatory courses, multiple guarantees

  • Can be applied to the All-German University (Uni) or the University of Applied Sciences (FH)

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