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      Founded in 1849, Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck is located in Goch, Nordrhein-Westfalen, close to Cologne, close to Belgium and the Netherlands, and it only takes 2 hours from Goch to Dusseldorf. It is a private school certified by the state.

      The school currently has 780 students, of which 80 are boarding students and the rest are day students. Among them are local students from Germany, but also students from Mexico, Vietnam, the United States, South Korea, China and other European countries.

Basic school information

Category: German Private Boarding Gymnasium

Major students: less than 10% are international students

Number of students: about 780

Region: Goch, Germany

School Profile

  • With a history of 170 years, the school is used to be a medieval monastery and is now an ancient teacher's residence in the lower reaches of the Rhine.

excellent school program

      In order to fully prepare students for ABITUR's further study and future career development, the school offers three unique advanced courses to provide early and intensive preparation for active and clear high school students, laying a solid foundation.

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      Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck is rigorous in academics. In addition to the above three famous advanced courses, natural science and language are also strong subjects of the school. Every year, students participate in the Olympic Mathematical Competition and the famous German Youth Science and Technology Invention Competition and win awards. The school also offers English, French, Latin, Spanish and other foreign language courses for students to choose to support their personal, academic and professional development.


cultivating students' extracurricular interests

          Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck also attaches great importance to cultivating students' extracurricular interests. Extracurricular activities include tennis, swimming, horse riding, sailing, mountain climbing and various ball games. Compared with sports activities, the school's photography, musical instruments, drama club, choir, band, jazz dance team And other art societies are also quite large. It is worth mentioning that the "Drama Performance Club" and the "Film Production Club" are well-known among all German secondary schools as workshops of Gesdonk Gymnasium. ​


          The school also provides a number of advanced facilities to actively create leisure time for students. Activities cover music, art, social and sports, and regularly organize international exchange programs to communicate with many countries, such as France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland , Portugal, Netherlands, etc.

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