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​About Us

German Life Global Ltd

​Founded in 2020. Specialize in German immigration and education.

Study Abroad

  • Application for Higher Education [High school, Preparatory school, University]

  • Application for Specialized [Music, Art, Design] College

  • Student Study and Living Support


  • Work Visa / Blue Card Visa

  • Technical Immigration

  • Business Immigration

  • Vocational Skills Training [Dual System]

Other services

  • Academic, Skills and Cultural Summer Camp

  • Talent Test

From departure to arrival, from application to enrollment and permanent residence, we will assist you all the way. We provide one-stop professional settlement services to make students, parents and customers feel satisfied.


German Academic Expert

Judy Yip

        As a senior educator, Judy Yip graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education (now known as The Education University of Hong Kong) majoring in early childhood education. For more than 30 years in the academic industry, Judy has been committed to helping parents discover their children's talent and potential, so that children can receive timely and talented education guidance and development,. In addition, she upholds the educational philosophy of "As long as the position is right, every child is talented". ​

        Judy is convinced that what determines a child's future is not only about excellent academic performance, but also about helping children plan their future path. Additionally, giving them a broad horizon, and nurturing them under a set of rigorous values.

        In the process of studying early childhood education, Judy deeply understands that  German education system emphases the idea of "taking human beings as the essential." Therefore, it will enable children to be more out-standing in terms of life skills and critical thinking,  according to their unique personality and talent from an early age. This coincided with Judy's educational philosophy, and finally made her decide to establish "German Life Global Ltd." to focus on the development of further education services in Germany.

Founder and CEO of German Life Global Ltd

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