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3 year vocational training course

3 years of vocational training + 2 years of work contract

​ Fully obtain German permanent residence status

Industrial Mechanic (Indusriemechaniker)

Industrial Mechanic (Indusriemechaniker)

training time


Tasks and scope of work

Diverse work and the use of modern equipment pose challenges to industrial mechanics in industry and trade.The task of an industrial machinist is to assemble machines, equipment and systems that produce workpieces and components and to assemble them into technical systems.These activities are carried out independently in the workshop according to technical documentation and in compliance with safety regulations.


Industrial mechanics are primarily employed in industrial production or craft businesses. Other possible uses are in field maintenance and customer service support.

Training Pogram

Ability to understand and apply relevant technical documents/work planning, control and inspection workflows/testing and measuring (quality assurance)/through bending, drilling, turning, milling, grinding/assembly, switching and pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic controls Functional testing of metals and plastics / Manufacturing of welded joints / Use of CNC machine programs / Isolation and elimination of errors in equipment and machines / Assembly, modification and repair of technical systems.


Basic admission requirements reference:

Educational background: High school graduate, vocational school or university graduate, and those with working experience will be given priority.

German level: B1 German level 

Age: 18-25 years old and in good health when going abroad.

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