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Vocational Training – Dual Program

Medical training courses

Nurse / Caregiver / Elder Care

Obtain German nursing professional qualification and join the nursing industry


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German Life Global LTD

Specializing in German study and immigration services.

German Study Aboard: includes German high schools, preparatory courses, universities, masters and MBAs.

We are the exclusive agency of out listed school. We ensure our students' admissions and keep track of their living conditions in Germany.

German immigration: includes working visa, skilled immigration, business immigration, children's education advice and arrangements.

From departure to arrival, from application to permanent residence and admission, we will walk with you all the way. We provide one-stop professional settlement services to ensure our students, parents and customers have a pleasant experience.

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German High Schools

German Universities

German Immigration

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Recently, we have received many complaints from parents and students! !

Some other companies contained “❌ misleading descriptions” of the agency service of 6 German schools, falsely claiming that they had been authorized by our schools to accept students’ admission applications, so as to obtain the personal privacy information of students and parents.


At the same time, without the consent of the parents and students, he/ she submitted an application to the school without authorization, falsely claiming to be handling documents on behalf of the student, in an attempt to gain the trust of the school, which is not desirable!

German Life Global Ltd

(hereinafter referred to as "the company") declares as follows:

The company is the only admissions representative authorized by the official Hong Kong exclusive agency for the courses of the following 5 German highschools and universities, and has full authority to handle the school's admissions matters in Hong Kong.






❇️ Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen

Exclusive Jena University of Applied Sciences / University of Jena Pathway Program


❇️ Internationals Studienzentrum NRW

Essen Academy of Fine Arts Exclusive Program

Dear students,


The company issued the following statement:


Our schools will not accept admission applications submitted through other intermediary companies!

In order to prevent parents and students from suffering losses due to the misleading of the company, delaying the application progress of students, missing the opportunity to enroll, and even leaving a negative impression on the school. We hope everyone will be more vigilant, handle personal information carefully and properly, and don't let unscrupulous people take advantage.

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