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international School OWL


International School OWL
(Hong Kong agenCY)

      International School OWL is located in Paderborn, NRW, Germany. OWL is located in the western part of Germany. It is the most populous and economically developed federal state in Germany, including Dusseldorf, Cologne and Dortmund. and Essen are among the ten largest cities in Germany.

Basic school information

Category: Full-time Multilingual Boarding School

Main Students:

International Students

Boarding Age: 13-18

Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen

(North Rhine-Westphalia)  Referred to as "North Rhine-Westphalia"

  • Interanational School OWL in Germany is recognized by universities around the world

  • Offers quality guides and English lessons as well as on-campus language level tests

  • Preliminary educational obligations, attach importance to the mental training of minor students

  • Tailored lesson plans for a solid transition to university professional courses

  • Specially set up targeted extracurricular tuition classes for Chinese students on a regular basis

  • Shared resources with the International Foundation School of the University of Paderborn, offering direct-record study positions at the University of Paderborn


School Profile

      International School OWL is a full-time multi-language boarding school approved by the German government and recognized by the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is affiliated to the International Preparatory School of the University of Paderborn, Germany. After graduation, an internationally recognized high school diploma will be issued. According to the specific requirements of grades and research directions, you can apply to universities in all German-speaking and English-speaking countries around the world. Our school can provide students with the comprehensive university of Paderborn in Germany. learning location.

International Baccalaureate Recognition

      The curriculum of International School OWL combines English and German qualifications to issue a high school diploma recognized by universities around the world. Cultivate students to gradually adapt to the international way of thinking, and lay a solid foundation for students' future university application and study, even their future career and overseas settlement.

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