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wabe international school

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wabe international school

(Hong Kong agenCY)

            The WABE International School offers an innovative concept from grades I to 12 with the International Baccalaureate (IB) mainly in English. The co-teaching German program ensures students learn at native-speaker level.
            Inquiry-based and experiential learning are essential elements of the pedagogical program and are meaningfully integrated into the curriculum.
            The students are both international and locals. The international and local students can have intensive exchange and a learning-conducive togetherness through a pronounced welcoming culture.

Basic school information

Category: German International Boarding School

School System:12-year (IB System)
Founded year:2015

Region: Pinneberg, Germany

Number of Students:about 300

Language: English

ib diploma programme

      Students have the world at their fingertips-both literally and figuratively. WABE provides students with the opportunity to pursue their post-secondary studies of their passions and interests. With an International Baccalaureate Diploma, students will graduate with a highly competitive degree that is recognized at universities all around the world.

      Maturity, complexity,  opportunities, freedom, responsibility-students in High School will begin their adult lives reflecting their true talents and potential leading to a fulfilling and purposeful life as a compassionate human being. Some will choose apprenticeship after Grade 10; others will begin theInternational Baccaluareate Diploma Program-but everyone will leave confident and well-prepared as they pursue their own journey.


      Boarding The students from all over the world will find a second home in the WABE boarding school by living together with boarding school mentors to supervise and help the students with homework.

      During the week,the students have breakfast and lunch with the day students to ensure good integration into the school community. Dinner and meals at the weekend will take place in the residential groups together with the mentors.The students can also prepare their own meals in the kitchens of their living areas.

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