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Krüger Internat und Schulen

Krüger Internat und Schulen

Krüger Internat und Schulen

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Krüger internat und sChulen​​​

(Hong Kong agenCY)

            Krüger Internat und Schulen was established in 1945. The school's teaching tenet is "to understand each other, focus on personality, and cultivate democracy". The school believes that every student has their own soul and ideas, and the best way to achieve students is to provide soil for their growth, guide students to discover their own interests, so that students can learn to their fullest, bloom without fear, and dare to show yourself. The school follows the natural nature of children's development, guides children to develop distinctive personality traits, emotional intelligence, and develops the ability to think independently and a sense of self-responsibility on the basis of respect and trust.

Basic school information

Category: German State Boarding Vocational High School

Main Students:

15% International Students

Boarding Age: 13-18

Region: Lotte, Germany

  • The only officially recognized boarding school in North West Germany with vocational and business-oriented courses.

  • In here, International students with zero German foundation will receive intensive foreign language courses from experienced German teachers.

School Profile

      The school has 300 students, 70% of the students live in boarding school and the rest are day students. The school has international students from Asia, Europe, Russia and Spain. In terms of disciplines, the school pays special attention to economics (business administration and accounting, economic informatics, national economics, economic geography). Other courses include Mathematics, Physics, German, English, Spanish, Sociology and Geography, Religion and Physical Education.


      In order to help international students to integrate into campus life as soon as possible, the school arranges students with good academic performance as counselors to help new students, and students are used to drive students, so that students can consolidate their knowledge, deepen exchanges and communication between students, and promote campus harmony.

Vocational Skills Training

      Different from the traditional German boarding high school, Krüger boarding school adds vocational skills training to the traditional education model, so that students have the opportunity to enter the company to experience internships in advance in high school. Students can also choose liberal arts high school graduation (ABITUR system) or professional high school graduation (FACHABITUR system) according to their actual situation.

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