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German Life Global Ltd Grand Opening 2021

On July 30, 2021, the new opening day of German Life Global Ltd ended successfully with friends, customers, flowers and laughter! Thank you for coming today to witness the successful development of German Life Global, celebrate our growth, and look forward to the future with us.

Starting from from scratch, from a small company with no name, to today's emerging authority of German immigration and education. In less than two years, German Life Global has experienced and gained a lot. We would like to thank those colleagues who have been working silently, persistently and hard-working behind German Life Global. In the early days of the company, passionate colleagues strived for perfection, and everything required hands-on work. Text editing, layout design, advertising, video shooting, video editing, event planning, etc. are all created by our colleagues. After just over a year, our colleagues have all developed a good skill. We are so grateful and proud to have them.

Indeed, we are very grateful for our clients' trust in German Life Global. Germany immigration is not common in Hong Kong. There is not much information about it. We started from scratch at the beginning, and sometimes it could be said that we were crossing the river by feeling the stones, and we would inevitably encounter doubts at the beginning.

We are very grateful for our very first client. Because of them, we have confidence and insist on doing our service well. On this memorable day, we are honored to invite Mandy, the first immigrant client of German Life Global, to share her feeling. She entrusted us with the immigration plan for a family of five. Thanks to her and her family for always actively communicating with us and letting us know their wishes and needs, we were able to improve our service.

We are very happy that we can help our clients in finding jobs, houses, schools for their children, visa, and tax planning. In addition, Mandy is thankful for our help that makes a difference in her and her family's life. She deeply appreciates the transformation of her son's learning environment. In fact, their presence and her son's enthusiasm for pursuing his dreams let us know the importance of education and learning environment for children's growth, thus inspiring us to develop further education business in Germany.

Now we are proud to have a second group of students studying in Germany via German Life Global. One group after another of dream-seekers, inspires us to continuously improve our service. Not only helping students fill out the application form, we are more concerned with providing good services, such as interview training, consulate appointments, visa application, dormitory arrangement, life counseling, and academic guidance. Every service can be guaranteed, so that students are less hesitant and more at ease in Germany. Having said that, we have to thank the parents. Because of their strong support and cooperation, our services can become more and more professional. We are very happy that different German schools are now throwing olive branches and inviting us to become the exclusive agent, so that our students have more choices in further studies. I am also very grateful to the school authorities, from the management to the teachers, who are willing to cooperate with us to provide services, so that more and more people realize what education and further education in Germany are all about.

Over the past year, German Life Global has been fortunate to receive the help of different people, gradually opening its popularity and allowing more people to recognize the name German Life Global. Now GLG has received the attention of friends from different media, and asked us to do interviews and reports. Thanks to the attention and recognition of media friends, we will continue to do better. German Life Global promises that we will do our best to provide services, only for students' peace of mind, parents' peace of mind, and customers' satisfaction, so as to make you Germany experience "excellent and valuable".


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