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German Life Global-The 2nd German International Student Training Camp 2021

The 3-day "German Life Global International Student Training Camp 2021" has been successfully concluded. Thanks to the active participation of the students and our team's careful planning , the whole event was carried out smoothly. The enthusiastic response from the parents and the unanimous praise from the students gave us an unprecedented sense of satisfaction and achievement. When students study abroad, it has always been the tradition of German Life Global to prepare a training camp for them. We understand that students who go to study abroad alone, whether they are students or parents, have certain concerns in their hearts, so we hope to prepare together with students through the leave-in training, so that they can calmly face challenges in the future and bravely pursue their dreams.

We are very happy to spend these three pleasant days with the students and witness their growth. From the beginning of not knowing each other to getting along, those who are silent and introverted are not ashamed to express themselves. Those who are enthusiastic and cheerful are not stingy to encourage their peers, and work together to win. We see their vitality, dreams, mutual help and friendship. We also appreciate their candid remarks. Many of them said that at first they thought that training would be boring, just another form of sitting and listening to the class. I didn’t expect such a surprise, combining learning with fun, having fun and learning happily! It is the students' outspoken feelings that allow us to continuously optimize our activities in the hope of keeping them engaged. Getting along with the students is like being friends, and it makes us feel a lot younger too.

In addition, parents also experience the progress of their children. After returning home, they take the initiative to share their feelings, what they have learned and what they have gained today, so that parents can also experience the joy of their children. Some parents shared that their child "has enjoyed participating in activities, which has benefited him a lot. He has learned to set goals, think about future aspirations, adhere to beliefs, study hard, enjoy a new learning environment, and move towards a new milestone in life", which makes us feel their recognition and trust. We are very grateful to the parents and students for their trust and support. Their praise and smiles are the best reward for our efforts. We will continue to provide good services to create more beautiful and profound memories for parents and students, so that students can go to Germany for further education and pursue their dreams with peace of mind.


Written by Yannes Wong

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