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Meeting with Dr. Oliver NIedostadek

As the pandemic gradually passed, the social distance between each other gradually narrowed. German Life Global is also working harder to shorten the distance between everyone and Germany. We believe that all the parents and students who participated in the lecture on 1st April,2023 had a very pleasant afternoon with Dr. Oliver Niedostadek, the principal and managing director of Internat Schloss Loburg.

Dr. Niedostadek not only analyzed deeply to parents and students about the following topics:

  • Educational Advantages of Germany

  • Prospects for future studies

  • How does the school help students improve German to B2 level within 1 year

  • Loburg's geographical location and campus living environment

  • Boarding Life Features

  • A range of extracurricular activities and medical support for current students

Afterwards, he patiently answered all the questions raised by parents and students, so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of German high school education.

If you still have a lot of curiosity about studying in Germany, German high schools and Internat Schloss Loburg, but missed this meeting, don't worry~

German Life Global will continue to introduce the advantages of studying in Germany, the living environment, and economic development in Germany.


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