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University of Jena

Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen 

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University of Jena 
Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen

(Hong Kong agency)

      Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen of the University of Applied Sciences in Jena offers preparatory courses for foreign students from non-EU countries who cannot apply for direct admission to German universities. FSP, provides professional study and pre-exam tutoring. After 9 months of preparatory study, students pass the FSP exam and obtain the "University Entrance Qualification". Students who register as students at the Jena University of Applied Sciences during their preparatory studies can enjoy the relevant treatment of university students.

Basic school information

Category: Full-time Multilingual Boarding School

Main Students: International Students

Region: Jena, Germany

  • Preparatory courses provide language and professional preparation courses necessary for German universities

  • State-authorized college preparatory course, with FSP questions, examinations, and certification qualifications

  • University and preparatory dual admission, students admitted to the preparatory school also receive an admission letter from the Jena University of Applied Sciences

  • The preparatory diploma is valid in Germany and can be applied to any university in Germany

  • The direct university is a German national university, with a three-year undergraduate degree, and tuition fees for the undergraduate and master's degrees are free

  • Register as a college student during the preparatory period, hold an international student visa (different from a language visa), and enjoy all the benefits of college students

  • Provide student dormitory and a full range of tutoring

School Profile

            Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen of the University of Jena is a joint educational program with the Jena University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jena, offering high-quality preparatory courses to students from all over the world. The college has modern teaching equipment and the most comfortable learning environment. A team of highly qualified teachers actively communicates with students during the learning process, providing support and assistance.  

The Preparatory Academy has T, W and TM courses:

  • T-Kurs (T-Kurs): Engineering Technology Science

  • W Course (W-Kurs): Economic Science

  • TM Course (TM-Kurs): Medical Biology 

After matriculation

      Students admitted to the Preparatory School receive an admission letter from the Jena University of Applied Sciences. After graduating from the preparatory course, 100% of the admissions to the Jena University of Applied Sciences are accepted, and the tuition fees for the undergraduate (three years) and master (two years) stages are completely free. The graduation certificate is valid in Germany, and students can also apply to any university in Germany according to their FSP scores and their own circumstances.

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Campus Environment

Admission Requirements 

Hong Kong Diploma of
Secondary Education

  • 333A33

  • Chinese, English, and Maths must have 3 or above

  • “Citizenship and Social Development” must have A

  • 2 elective subjects must have 3 or above

International Advanced

Levels Exam(IAL)

  • Maths, Physic, and Econ must have C or above

  • English is not required

  • For German university course, German C1 is required

International Baccalaureate

  • 7 subjects

  • At least 6 subjects must have 4 or above

  • Chinese/ English reaches AS level

In addition to the above requirements for graduates from different secondary schools, applicants also need to meet the following language standards:

  • German level: B1 (equivalent to 600 hours)

  • Or students whose German proficiency reaches AI/A2 (only 300~400 hours) will arrange for them to strengthen German in the preparatory class.

internationales studienzentrum thuringen 耶拿大學  圖林根國際預科學院 German Life Global 滙德環球 德國留學 德國移民

University of Jena

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Latin for "Alma Mater Jenensis"), or Universität Jena for short, was founded in 1558 and is the most traditional and ancient university in Germany. one of the universities. In honor of the famous German poet Schiller, the University of Jena was renamed Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena in 1934.

The University of Jena is located in the city of Jena (Thuringia), known as the "City of Optics", where the famous Carl Zeiss optics company is located. Jena is not only a typical German university city, but also a research city. The Max Planck Institute, a German national research institution, has established the Institute of Biogeochemistry, the Institute of Chemical Ecology, and the Institute of Human History Sciences, and maintains a good scientific research relationship with the University of Jena. As of 2017, a total of 6 Nobel Prize winners have studied, taught or researched at the University of Jena, ranking among the top in the world.

internationales studienzentrum thuringen 耶拿大學  圖林根國際預科學院 German Life Global 滙德環球 德國留學 德國移民

Jena University of Applied Sciences

The predecessor of the Jena University of Applied Sciences was an optical research institution established in the 16th century, and later became the University of Jena. In 1991, the Jena University of Applied Sciences was jointly established by the University of Jena and Thuringia. The strengths of the Jena University of Applied Sciences courses are also in optics, as well as related physics, including some high-tech disciplines in materials science.

Germany is an extremely developed country in industry. Jena University of Applied Sciences also has very close cooperation with more than 400 high-tech companies around the world, such as the well-known Olympus, the above-mentioned Carl Zeiss, and Jenoptik AG , Schott JENA Glas AG,​​ Analytik Agt Interxhop AG These precision instruments, bioengineering and information technology companies, etc., so students have high application ability, and teaching is more focused on application ability.

The school's teaching consists of eight departments: School of Business Economics, School of Electronics and Information Technology, School of Basic Sciences, School of Mechanical Manufacturing, School of Medicine and Biotechnology, Science and Technology-Precision-Optics-Materials-Environmental School, Sociology School, Economics College of Engineering

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