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Preparatory Program

Internationales Studienzentrum Thüringen 

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Internationales Studienzentrum NRW

(Hong Kong agency)

      Internationales Studienzentrum NRW (ISN for short) is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Internationales Studienzentrum NRW cooperates closely with several well-known German universities in various fields, opening up channels for foreign students to study in different fields of German universities and providing corresponding guarantees. Realizing the integration of different disciplines and innovation in marginal fields is more suitable for future learning and development, and greatly enhances the competitiveness of majors.

Basic school information

Category: Studienzentrum

Main Students: International Students


Paderborn, Germany

  • Special approval from the German Ministry of Education to directly recruit high school graduates

  • 2-year preparatory course

  • The diploma is recognized by all German universities and can be applied for: All-German University (Uni), University of Applied Sciences (FH), School of Art and Design

  • University and preparatory dual admission

  • English-German bilingual teaching, suitable for international students to quickly adapt to the German teaching model

  • Provide opportunities for students who fail in the college entrance examination or graduation test 

  • One-stop butler service, providing dormitory and comprehensive tutoring

  • Can transfer to a German national university, with a three-year undergraduate degree. Indeed, iuition fees for the undergraduate and master's degrees are free

School Profile

            Internationales Studienzentrum NRW was established with special approval from Germany for further studies. It provides university preparatory courses for foreign students who wish to enter German universities, creates new learning opportunities for students who do not meet the admission requirements for German university preparatory courses, and guarantees admission to German universities. 

The Preparatory Academy has T, W and TM courses:

  • T-Kurs (T-Kurs): Engineering Technology Science

  • W Course (W-Kurs): Economic Science

  • TM Course (TM-Kurs): Medical Biology 

  • G Course (G-Kurs): Humanities and Social Sciences

  • GD Course (GD-Kurs): Art Design

After matriculation

            Students who are admitted to the Preparatory School receive an admission letter from the Jena University of Applied Sciences. After completing the 2-year preparatory course, graduates are guaranteed to obtain the admission qualifications of the University of Paderborn, the University of Applied Sciences in Jena, and the Essen School of Art and Design in Germany. 

            The graduation certificate is recognized by all German universities, and students can also apply for the All-German University (Uni), the University of Applied Sciences (FH) or the School of Art and Design according to their grades and their own circumstances.

Admission Requirements

  • High school graduate, or equivalent  

  • 17 years or older  

  • English IELTS IELTS 5.0  

  • German ideally at A2 level

Comprehensive Foundation Program
(2 academic years)

Course: German, Mathematics, Physics  


The Preparatory School has T, W and TM courses, and students can choose one of the following departments:  

T-Kurs (T-Kurs): Engineering Technology Science  

W Course (W-Kurs): Economic Science  

G Course (G-Kurs): Humanities and Social Sciences

GD Course (GD-Kurs): Art Design

Pure Art Professional Foundation Course
(1 academic year)

Courses: German, Art and Design


The college takes the teaching methods of Western art majors as the core, and provides the most optimized training mode and further education channels for art students to study in top art and design schools in Germany.

Help students develop creative and unique artistic thinking and personality orientation, and devote themselves to cultivating designers and artists who meet the needs of the times and society.

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Jena University of Applied Sciences

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Hochschule der bildenden Künste Essen

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