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train driver training course

Germany has a well-developed railway transportation infrastructure. Railway transportation plays a pivotal role in the transportation system, and train drivers bear very important responsibilities. For those who have German train driving qualifications, not only will they be fully guaranteed in future employment, but also in

The prospects for personal development in Germany are also very broad.


Due to the serious shortage of talents in the German railway industry, the German Ministry of Labor has identified train drivers as a shortage of occupations, and provided convenience in visas and other aspects for those who go to Germany to receive vocational qualification training for shortage occupations.


After attending the training,

Can I work and live in Germany for a long time?

        According to German law, after students complete the training and obtain a German work visa, they can stay in Germany to work and live. After you are officially employed in Germany, if necessary, you can apply for a family reunion visa for your immediate family members and live with your family in Germany for a long time.

        Students who have been formally employed in Germany for 5 years can apply for a German long-term residence permit (blue card); students who have been employed for 8 years can apply for German citizenship.

Training Course Structure

        The train driver qualification training aims to be work practice-oriented in teaching, so as to best prepare the trainees to become a qualified train driver.

By participating in the training, students not only learn the necessary theoretical knowledge, but can also apply the knowledge they have learned in practice through simulation training.

        Theoretical teaching is mainly to help students master relevant laws and regulations and their implementation methods. Practical operation training focuses on train driving operations and the application of theoretical knowledge in daily work.

Training duration: 16 months in total

Training location: Munich, Germany

admission requirements

  • 20 - 35 years old

  • Graduated from high school, or have equivalent education (relevant majors are preferred)

  • Pass the physical and psychological examinations required by the TfV regulations of the German Train Driving License Regulations

  • Inspection items include: vision, hearing and color recognition, etc.

  • German ideally at level B2

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