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Anton Rubinstein

Internationale Musikakademie

Offering internationally competitive music specialization programs in a diverse and personalized atmosphere

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Category: German International Music Academy

Year of establishment: 2002

Region: Düsseldorf, Germany

The International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein is a member of the Association of european Conservatories.

The Academy is committed to provide talented young musicians with personalized learning opportunities. Offers a wide range of study options: Includes full-time study and graduate programs with national accreditation as well as private and master class courses. The goal is to offer internationally competitive professional courses in a diverse and personalized atmosphere.

Professional music director

The faculty members of The International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein are composed of the principal instrumentalists of the national orchestra, the most powerful and charismatic instrumentalists in Germany, who have rich experience in international concert performance, teaching, accompany and in providing professional artistic guidance to each student on the road of musical growth. The school organizes a variety of events, including regular concerts and international music competitions, so that every student can gain rich stage performance experience and a variety of exchange and learning opportunities.

Upon successful completion of studies at The International Music Academy Anton Rubinsteinory, the Academy will award a diploma to students. In addition, the school offers a nationally recognized Bachelor of Music, Master of Music and Soloist Diplomas in collaboration with the Giacomo Puccini in Italy, the Teglen Beethoven Academy in the Netherlands, the Kalaidos Hochschule Zürich in Switzerland and the Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Academy of Fine and Performing Arts) in the Netherlands. In 2014, this bilateral study programme was specially awarded "German-Italian Intercultural Achievement" by the German-Italian business association MERCURIO.

The consevatory is located in the heart of the old town of Dusseldorf and is built inprotected baroque houses called "goldener helms". Within walking distance of the Academy, there are numerous musical institutions and recital halls on the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf, such as the Deutsche Oper House, Wittgens Concertgebouw, Robert Schumann Hall and numerous art museums.


The International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein is mainly jointly run with 4 (nationally recognized) conservatories, which offer preparatory, bachelor's and master's degrees in music:

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For other instruments and details, please contact your counsultant

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